We guarantee

100% natural

0% artificial preservatives, fragrances or dyes

Fresh, raw ingredients dominate: RAW

Cold-pressed. Unrefined. Organic. Full of life and energy of completely chemically unprocessed nature.

We also make cosmetics using the cold method, so that botanical extracts and flower essences retain as much of their bioactive properties as possible, without losing vitamins or antioxidants

These potent bioactive ingredients include cold-pressed and unrefined fruit and plant seed oils, raw plant butters, flowers and herbs dried at low temperatures, or highly concentrated co2 extracts - from turmeric rhizomes or poplar shoots. Phe full of vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids and a thousand other biologically active phytochemicals.

The effects?

awakens to life

It acquires radiance and vitality, 
and its flora is flourishing

We have confirmed this scientifically, in studies of the skin microbiome.

After a month of using "Wildflowers" oleogel, the skin microbiome strengthens and its biodiversity increases. And according to the latest research on the human microbiome, we already know that the more diverse the skin microbiome is, the healthier it is. More strong. Radiant. Not in need of our constant care. 

Enhanced microbiome
Skin full of life and radiance
Fresh, raw ingredients
Strongly bioactive
Zero artificiality
100% natural
About me

Hi, it's Natalia

Founder of the Divine Bee

I know first-hand how extremely important it is to maintain the biodiversity of the microbiome, as I myself have an autoimmune disease and SIBO, which leaves my microbiome extremely disrupted, and I know how much restoring its balance helps me regain my fullness of life.

Imagine a skin that you don't have to worry about at all. One that can take care of itself and doesn't require your constant attention and care. Skin that doesn't need to be monitored and watched over every day. Sound like a fairy tale? And yet it's perfectly natural for skin that is full of life and whose microbiome is as biodiverse as a rainforest, because it hasn't been destroyed by strong antibiotics, preservatives, foaming detergents, acids and strong scrubs. So it's time to unlearn everything that the cosmetic market has told us so far and let yourself and your skin live a full life. How to do it? We present in the e-book downloadable below ↓.

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